logoFor over twenty years, Micromega has proudly designed and manufactured some of the world’s best-regarded digital and analogue audio ‘hi-fi’ equipment.

Combining the highest level of faithful music reproduction, revolutionary aesthetics, reliability and user friendliness, Micromega is one of just a few audio companies who have truly changed the world of high fidelity music reproduction by achieving a perfect balance of technical innovation and performance

Key dates

puce-carre 1987Micromega creates the CDF1-Hitech CD Player, causing a real h-ifi industry breakthrough thanks to its incredible musicality as well as its avant-garde perspex top loading mechanism so reminiscent of analog turntables. The CDF1 opened new perspectives in digital sound reproduction and won press and public recognition all around the World.

Le CD-1 Digital

puce-carre 1988Micromega launches the CDF1-Digital, the first CD player split into two separate chassis – the CD drive mechanism and a separate high quality D/A converter. Micromega was many years ahead of the competition with this innovative design.

puce-carre 1989
Micromega creates the Trio system, which at that time represented the summit of its research in terms of digital 

micromega trio

signal processing and of digital to analog conversion. Trio was an unprecedented success in the history of Micromega and put the company well and truly ‘on the map’ in the small elite group of exclusive world-renowned high-end manufacturers.

puce-carre 1990-1991Micromega again impresses the world of high fidelity (and more specifically, that of digital to analog conversion) by adding Bitstream technology to all of its products following the stunning results of the Trio system. For the first time, Micromega has a cost-effective converter to complement and add musicality to all conventional CD players.

puce-carre 1992- Micromega’s R&D department presents the Solo-R - a unique French designed CD recorder to demonstrate our companies technical edge.

micromenga solo

puce-carre 1993 Micromega builds a new base of operations in Conflans Sainte Honorine. We are very proud of our new 1800 m² of office space including our own factory, listening studio and R&D center equipped with the latest technology. With this unique new facility Micromega has the opportunity to continue its growth within a pleasant environment for our team. Micromega is surrounded in this area by prestigious French industry leaders such as Thomson, Sextant, Blomme Automation, Médiadisc, Thomcast, Laser Technology etc.

Micromega creates the "Concept" range – another ‘audio revolution’! 

Designed on an open architecture, the "Concept" range allows the customer to change his CD player, Amplifier, Tuner, Drive or Dac, without losing performance or the initial value of his product. Indeed, Micromega markets the "Concept" series with system upgrades valued on the difference in price between the customers existing product and the benefits of the higher model.

This concept receives an incredible number of prizes and awards to honor the work of the Micromega team. The "Concept" range opens the doors to new export markets and Micromega is now sold in over 27 countries around the world.

: Micromega creates the second set of CD in the "Concept" line. Stage 4-5-6 are replacing Stage 1-2-3, providing a fantastic sound improvement for this range of CD players. At the end of the year, the famous DAC 3 and Drive 2 were launched.

puce-carre 1997 : Micromega creates Minium. This product line has one and only ambition with a target "When the exceptional becomes affordable" More than a slogan, the true philosophy has led all phases of development of this "small Micromega system". Minium can win new consumers who may, through Minium, discover true high fidelity without jeopardizing their financial capacity.

puce-carre 2007A French electrical company headed up by the music and hi-fi enthusiast Didier Hamdi buys the Micromega brand.

ext1The group's strategy is simple: to rebuild the company and the brand to re-conquer the world of hi-fi by adding manufacturing rigor and good business practices to the brands proud audio design and performance heritage.

Experienced audio engineers enable the new Audis business unit to create a new Micromega product range with high quality components and impeccable designs. Audis will manufacture its new Micromega product line at its plant in Boissy-Saint-Léger where the companies’ laboratory, R&D Centre and showroom are also located.

To ensure customer satisfaction, Audis, makes the commitment to try and repair all Micromega equipment whatever its age.

puce-carre In 2009Micromega innovates again with our new "AirDream" product. This new product wins many worldwide awards, including a "Diapason d'Or" in France.

AS-400 Silver

puce-carre In 2010, we release our bestselling "AS400" - a beautiful 400 Watts amp with integrated AirDream streamer, and Micromega becomes a serious contender again in the worldwide audio scene.

puce-carre In 2011, Audis invests in a new ‘Test Room’ to constantly improve the reliability of its products, where all devices are tested for 5 days by a dedicated technician prior to release.

To respond to as many music lovers as possible and grow its business, Audis decides to enter a new market segment – offering a new compact range of products at the forefront of technology that are designed and manufactured entirely in France. Best of all, they will sell at extremely attractive prices! And so, the new "MY" range is born. The first product - MyDAC - was launched at the Munich High End show in May 2012. This new DAC with a revolutionary power supply, jitter-free performance and an attractive, innovative design has extraordinary performance for a product with a retail price of just 300 € retail.

micromega mydac

puce-carre In 2012, Micromega adds a headphone amp - MyZic - and a MM / MC phono preamp - MyGroov – to the "MY" range.

puce-carre 2013Micromega engineers develop a new Integrated - MyAMP – to add to the line by the end of the year.